Advisory Board

Advisory Board

 Board Members

Father Jaime Hernandez – Pastor

Ann Gillespie – Principal

Sharon Wilson – Faculty Representative

MaryJane Fratantuono-Harris – Financial Advisor

Jennifer Abril – Member

Andres Abril – Member

Sheila Liverpool – Member

Ruth “Sam” Miller – Member

Vincent Johnson – Member

Mary Donovan – Member

Stephanie Brown – Member

Carminn Boseman – Member

Natalie Walker – Member

Eric Walker – Member

Kimberly Gerald – Member

Shaniel Mcburrows – Member

Alita Gothard – Member

Cecilla Bactad – Member

Sharon Ledgister-Reid – Member

Clarissa McClary – Member

Anita Smith – Member

James Smith – Member

Karyn Black – Member

The School Advisory Board consists of the pastor, the principal, members of the parish community, school parents, and a member of the faculty.

School policy is developed collaboratively soliciting input from faculty, staff, and members of the School Advisory Board.  Working with this counsel, the principal and assistant principal set policy, with the approval of the Pastor.  

At St. John’s, decisions are not made unilaterally. The principal routinely solicit input from faculty, staff and board members to facilitate a decision making process.